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NOLAMP19 | Nordic Laser Material Processing conference

Scientific programme


Tuesday, 22 August

8:30–Registration, coffee

Sigyn Hall

Opening of the Nolamp19 conference
Chair: Antti Salminen
9:45–10:25Keynote: Eduard Hryha, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden
Powder for Metal Additive Manufacturing: Manufacturing, Properties, Reuse and Degradation
10:25–11:05Keynote: Klaus Löffler, Precitec GmbH & Co. KG, Germany
Will the European Industry suffer from Chinas business model for Lasers and what might be a way out?
11:05–11:45Keynote: Teemu Tolonen, Pemamek Ltd., Finland
Utilization of Laser-hybrid Process in Heavy Welding Automation -Application examples for different industries
11:45–12:45Lunch break, exhibition
Parallel sessions (abstract ID in connection with the title)
Applications of additive manufacturing
Chair: Eduard Hryha

Sigyn Hall
Fundamentals of laser welding
Chair: Alexander Kaplan

Lecture room 1
12:50–14:3012:50–13:10 Bioinert ceramics scaffolds for bone tissue engineering
by laser-based powder bed fusion: A mini-review (ID-41)
Nikhil Kamboj

13:10–13:30 Influence of buoyancy on phase separation during
laser remelting of Silicon and Iron ore (ID-3)
Dan Yang

13:30–13:50 Digital manufacturing in laser powder bed fusion of aluminum alloy safety feature for EV battery cell (ID-20)
Heikki Saariluoma

13:50–14:10 Optimized Inconel 718 pressure vessel manufactured
with laser powder bed fusion (ID-27)
Vesa Tepponen

14:10–14:30 Surface polishing of L-PBF manufactured stainless
steel surfaces (ID-42)
Jussi Karlsson
12:50–13:10 Effects of laser welding speed on the microstructure and microhardness of ultra-high strength steel S1100 (ID-8)
Shahriar Afkhami

13:10–13:30 Process advantages of laser hybrid welding compared to conventional arc-based welding processes for joining thick steel structures of wind tower (ID-26)
Ömer Üstündag

13:30–13:50 Numerical modelling of high-power laser spot melting of thin stainless steel (ID-30)
Morten Høgseth Danielsen

13:50–14:10 Influence of shielding gas on filler wire mixing at laser hybrid welding of thick high strength steels (ID-33)
Ömer Üstündag

14:10–14:30 The effects of laser welding parameters on weldability and quality of the microstructure of additively manufactured Inconel 718 joints (ID-P-4)
Eetu Kivirasi
14:30–15:00Coffee break, exhibition
Parallel sessions (abstract ID in connection with the title)
Laser based direct energy deposition
Chair: Ashish Ganvir

Sigyn Hall
Sensing and control of laser processing
Chair: Heidi Piili

Lecture room 1
15:00–16:2015:00–15:20 Coaxial wire laser based additive manufacturing of
AA7075 with TiC nanoparticles (ID-9)
William Meneses Fuentes

15:20–15:40 Using ultrasonic atomization to recycle aluminium bronze chips for additive laser directed energy deposition (ID-24)
Vinzenz Müller

15:40–16:00 Multi sensor monitoring of the wire-melt pool interaction
in hot-wire directed energy deposition using laser beam
Agnieszka Kisielewicz
15:00–15:20 In-situ monitoring for PBF-LB/M processes: Does multispectral optical tomography add value in recognizing process deviations? (ID-10)
Tina Becker

15:20–15:40 Towards data driven quality monitoring: alignment and correlation of photodiode-based co-axial melt pool monitoring signals to part quality in laser powder bed fusion (ID-14)
Joni Reijonen

15:40–16:00 In-process monitoring of track geometry as a control approach for laser metal deposition processes (ID-22)
Andrea Schinderling

16:00–16:20 IoT system for laser wire process “real-time” data
collection for visualization (ID-4)
Antti Martikkala
18:00–19:30Welcome reception at Turku city hall
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Wednesday, 23 August


Sigyn Hall

Opening of the day
Chair: Heidi Piili
8:15–8:30Presentation of Gold Sponsor: Linde Gas Ab
Effective gas and equipment supply for laser processing from Linde
Bo Williamsson, Linde Gas AB
8:30–9:10Keynote: Niklas Strömberg, Örebro University, Sweden
Topology Optimization, TMPS-based Lattice Structures, and Implicit-based Geometry for 3D Printing
9:10–9:50Keynote: Olli Nyrhilä, EOS Finland Oy, Finland
Metal Materials in Additive Manufacturing
9:50–10:30Keynote: Chunlin Xu, Åbo Akademi University, Finland
3D printing in extending the value of wood biopolymers
10:30–11:00Coffee break, exhibition
Parallel sessions (abstract ID in connection with the title)
Chair: Patricia Nyamekye

Sigyn Hall
Laser cladding
Chair: Jari Tuominen

Lecture room 1
Industrial papers 1
Chair: Antti Salminen

Lecture room 2
11:00–12:0011:00–11:20 Preliminary study of knowledge transfer aspect in the creation of a framework for education and training of digital manufacturing technologies (ID-39)
Anu Kurvinen

11:20–11:40 The meaning of knowledge transfer in educating engineers for modern manufacturing technologies (ID-40)
Heidi Piili

11:40–12:00 Virtual Reality-Based Training in Additive Manufacturing: Developing a Service Concept that Adapts to Company-Specific Requirements (ID-43)
Anna Huusko
11:00–11:20 High-speed laser cladding: new developments for wear and corrosion protection (ID-28)
Jari Tuominen

11:20–11:40 Temperature and distortion in laser melt injection of MMC wear-resistant coatings in a copper beryllium alloy (ID-12)
Annika Bohlen

11:40–12:00 The properties of laser-clad coatings made of NiCrBSi alloy and recycled tungsten carbides (ID-18)
Jari Tuominen
11:00–11:10 Presentation of Silver sponsor:
Hamamatsu Photonics Norden AB

Single shot, multi-point laser processing, and metal hardening & welding
Julien Zichi

11:20–11:40 Fiber laser tools for highest efficiency in quality controlled Li-battery and battery module joining
Berthold Kessler

11:40–12:00 Three tracks laser welding for T-Joints
Dorsa Motalebi
12:00–13:00Lunch break, exhibition
Parallel sessions (abstract ID in connection with the title)
Laser welding & Additive manufacturing features
Chair: Himani Näsström

Sigyn Hall
Artificial intelligence and

Chair: Mikko Vänskä

Lecture room 1
Industrial papers 2
Chair: Niklas Strömberg

Lecture room 2
13:00–14:2013:00–13:20 Monitoring technologies for laser welding - a review (ID-32)
Li-Wei Hsu

13:20–13:40 Impact of laser beam shaping on weld pool and seam geometry in butt-joint welding with filler wire (ID-19)
Yongcui Mi

13:40–14:00 Effect of powder recycling on surface roughness of laser-based powder bed fusion produced SS316L parts (ID-37)
Aditya Gopaluni

14:00–14:20 Additive manufacturing systems integration (ID-36)
Janne Heilala
13:00–13:20 Using artificial neural networks to model single bead geometries by laser-wire additive manufacturing processes (ID-1)
Reza Asadi

13:20–13:40 Artificial intelligence methods for in-process high-speed image analysis in laser beam welding of hairpins (ID-7)
Markus Omlor

13:40–14:00 Defect detection in laser-based powder bed fusion process using machine learning classification methods (ID-31)
Jan Akmal

14:00–14:20 Thermal post-treatment and material characterization of laser powder bed fusion additively manufactured Ti-6Al-4V (ID-16)
Abhinav Anand
13:00–13:20 New Multi-Spectral Process Monitoring for Demanding Laser Applications
Christoph Franz

13:20–13:40 Review of laser generated drop deposition of dissimilar metals
Mikael Hellström

13:40–14:00 Laser Applications in Battery Cell, Module & Pack Production
Johannes Vierling
14:20–14:50Coffee break, exhibition
Parallel sessions (abstract ID in connection with the title)
Development of simulations in additive manufacturing
Chair: Inico Flores Ituarte

Sigyn Hall
Laser welding of additively manufactured parts
Chair: Mohsen Amraei

Lecture room 1
Industrial papers 3
Chair: Shahriar Afkhami

Lecture room 2
14:50–16:3014:50–15:10 Validation of powder layering simulation via packing density measurement for laser-based powder bed fusion (ID-35)
Aditya Gopaluni

15:10–15:30 In-process multi sensor monitoring of the feedstock wire-melt pool interaction in Hot-Wire Laser Directed Energy Deposition
Yongcui Mi

15:30–15:50 Correlation of signal feature importance and process parameters in water jet-guided laser cutting (ID-29)
Roland Richter

15:50–16:10 Development of a build volume reduction kit for studying epitaxial re-solidification in laser powder bed fusion (ID-21)
Meysam Norouzi Inallu

16:10–16:30 Enhancing industry 5.0 goals through laser based additively Manufactured High-Performance Metals (ID-23)
Patricia Nyamekye
14:50–15:10 Effect of post-weld heat treatment on heat affected zone microstructure of additively manufactured Inconel 718 (ID-P-9)
Markku Lindqvist

15:10–15:30 Laser welding of additively manufactured parts (ID-38)
Saeid Parchegani

15:30–15:50 Mechanical and microstructural testing of additively manufactured stainless steel with laser welded joints (ID-13)
Ruizhi Zhang

15:50–16:10 The effects of laser welding parameters on weldability and quality of the microstructure of additively manufactured Inconel 718-316L joints
Eetu Kivirasi

16:10–16:30 Effect of heat treatment in dissimilar welds of additively manufactured laser welded 316L-Inconel 718 joints (ID-P-8)
Markku Lindqvist
14:50–15:10 Productivity versus Performance in Laser Powder Bed Fusion – High layer thickness processing of Ni-base superalloys
A.S. Shaik

15:10–15:30 High fidelity modelling of bead geometry in Directed Energy Deposition – simulation driven optimization
M. P. Serdeczny, A. Jackman
18:30–Conference dinner at restaurant Göran, Forum Marinum
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Thursday, 24 August


Sigyn Hall

Opening of the day
Chair: Ashish Ganvir
8:30–9:10Keynote: Edward W. (Ted) Reutzel, Pennsylvania State University, Usa
Progress Towards Sensing and Mitigating Flaws in Additive Manufacturing (online lecture)
9:10–9:50Keynote: Dhruv Bhatt, Valmet Automotive Oy, Finland
Laser Material Processing in the EV industry
9:50–10:30Keynote: Mikko Vänskä, Meyer Turku Oy, Finland
Why Laser Hybrid Welding for Shipbuilding
10:30–11:00Coffee break, exhibition
Session: Other laser processes
(abstract ID in connection with the title)
Chair: Antti Salminen

Sigyn Hall
11:00–12:0011:00–11:20 Fatigue performance of fiber laser fusion cut edges on thick plates (ID-5)
Shahriar Afkhami

11:20–11.40 A Laser Forming Study on Time and Efficiency (ID-11)
Georgi Nikolov

11:40–12:00 Blue diode lasers – Understanding and influencing melt pool dynamics (ID-2)
Luisa-Marie Heine
12:00–13:00Lunch break, exhibition
Session: Applications of laser processing
(abstract ID in connection with the title)
Chair: Morten Kristensen

Sigyn Hall
13:00–14:0013:00–13:20 Laser-induced reduction of iron ore: Trends of the chemical distribution across the domains (ID-17)
Alexander Kaplan

13:20–13:40 Effect of machining parameters on Ni-Mn-Ga-based single crystals for fabrication of multifunctional
micro devices using femtosecond pulse width laser (ID-6)
Aditya Kumthekar

13:40–14:00 Laser surface texturing for superhydrophobic, icephobic and friction reduction functionalization of metals (ID-15)
Antonio Ancona
14:00–14:20Closing of the conference & the next NOLAMP
14:20–Farewell coffee

Please note that the programme is subject to changes.